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Learn to play Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton and more!

Mapy Music Academy Welcomes You

The first cultural-inclusive Virtual Violin School for youth and adults

Mapy Music Academy will allow young, diverse musicians to take a classical instrument and use it

to play their favorite hip-hop, afrobeats, reggae, pop, reggaeton and soca songs. Through virtual one-on-one lessons, we can teach students all over the world! We value fun and creativity, as much as discipline and technique. We strive to show youth that the violin is not limited to one type of musical genre or cultural background -- but it is rather a beautiful instrument that can be used to create music that is significant to the musician who plays it.


Mapy Music Academy "By Any Dreams Necessary"


Our virtual lessons will teach youth, adults and diverse musicians to take the classical violin and use it to play their favorite popular hip-hop, afrobeat, reggae, soca and reggaeton songs. 

Our virtual lessons exist to teach that the violin is not limited to one musical genre or cultural background - but that it can produce music that is significant to the person who plays it.

The Mapy Music Academy is a school for musicians who simply do not see themselves reflected in classical music. In the extraordinary times we are living in, music can grant us a glimpse of something bigger than ourselves and more beautiful than the world we might see outside our windows.

Through virtual one-on-one lessons we can teach students all over the world! In seasons marked by uncertainty, music grounds us and helps us find our voices within. In times marked by isolation, music brings us hope and draws us closer together.


About Mapy Music Academy

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Mapy Music Academy 
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Join our academy today and get one-on-one virtual sessions

with world renowned violinist Mapy!


Our classes are open to all levels, you do not need previous violin experience, all you need to get started is a violin, internet access and

a willingness to learn.


The virtual format allows us to accept and teach 

students from anywhere in the world!

The lessons take place in Eastern Standard Time (EST).


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Limited Time Offer

45min / Single Session: $275

45min / 4 Weeks : $750  $450*

45min / 8 Weeks : $1400  $840*

* Price with Limited Time Offer

- Offer available until January 30th 2021

- Packages are valid for 1 year from purchasing date

Scheduling Instructions

For Single Sessions: Click the "One 45 Minute Lesson" Option, select your preferred date and time followed by "Continue". Proceed with checkout process.

For 4 or 8 Week Packages: Choose your package and proceed to checkout. Once your purchase is complete, click the "Schedule" link next to your certification code on the confirmation page or in your confirmation email. Choose your preferred date and time followed by either "Add a time" or "Recurring" in order to book multiple dates. For Recurring sessions, choose either 4 or 

For International Students: All classes listed take place in Eastern Standard Time (EST), please schedule accordingly to best fit your timezone difference.

About  MAPY 

MAPY is an Award-Winning violinist, recognized by the masses such as; Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Future, DJ Khaled, Ellen DeGeneres, French Montana, Tory Lanez, Young Thug, and the African & Caribbean Legends; Davido, Machel Montano, Movado, Alison Hinds, Runtown and more.


MAPYAKA The Violin Queen exploded onto the music scene in 2016 with her patented sound, redefining her classical instrument by infusing soca, hip hop and afro-beat music into the traditional classical sound to create a brand of music that has never before been seen or accepted by the critics and the masses alike.

But who is  MAPY?

Mapy is a Réunion Island native who uncovered her passion for music at the young age of six when she began studying the art of the violin at the Conservatory in Paris, France. It was there that Mapy’s love for the violin took hold and she became the leader of the first violin section in the Symphony Orchestra as well as attending the school as 1st chair for 10 years. Upon graduation Mapy spread her respect for the classical instrument though her work as a music teacher, where she taught the violin to both the young and old.


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